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About Anne

ABOUT ME.......

A Mum.  A Farmers Wife (well - I would be if I could get him to marry me).  

Right side of 95 but wrong side of middle age.

A good friend. A terrible cook. An even worse singer.

And a photographer for more than half of my life.

I hate marzipan, Turkish Delight and heights.

(No one believes me about the 'heights' thingy and they make me do stuff like this all the time........)

I think that working with Children is the most magical thing on this planet....

I think that it is fine to travel down the wrong side of a main road loose in the back of a Landrover if this means I will get fab shots of you leaving your wedding in a Horse and Carriage.

It's not, and you really must NOT try this at home but........

...... I still think it was worth it!!

Wedding Photography from Anne Worle Photography

I think Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about my hair and I was robbed.

I like to think what I do is glamorous.

(I am wrong)

And I LOVE everything about what I do.

So now tell me about YOU!

Because it's actually all about you - 01604 770013

(Photo credits to assorted lovely clients)